Happy Maha Shivratri Wishes, Quotes, Shayari, Messages, and Greetings-{2020}

First of all Happy Maha Shivratri to all of you.

Today I am going to share with you Happy Maha Shivratri Wishes, Quotes, Shayari, Messages, and Greetings which you can send to your loved ones.

In this special post, you will also find Maha Shivratri 2020 Wishes Quotes in English. 

Friends, Hinduism has a lot of honor and respect for lord shiva or Lord Mahadev Ji in Hinduism. Maha Shivratri is celebrated across India with great enthusiasm and happiness. And Maha Shivtarti is very important for the devotees of Bhole Baba.

This year Maha Shivaratri will be celebrated on 21 February, so this Maha Shivaratri, you must share Maha Shivratri Best Wishes Greetings Sms with your friends and relatives and celebrate Baba Mahadev’s day with great pomp.

Happy Maha Shivratri Wishes Quotes

Happy Maha Shivratri Wishes

1. “Shiva Shankar Bhole Nath,

Baba fulfills all the wishes of all your devotees,

and keep your blessings on them.

Jai Shiva Shambu Bhole Nath …”


2.“Noor is found by Shiva’s light,

everyone’s heart gets honey,

whoever goes to the gates of the innocent,

something is definitely found.”


3.“Take PK cannabis with color,

life with past happiness,

take the name of Shiva Bhole in the

heart of Shivratri.”


4. “Come, bow to Lord Shiva, may

his blessings are with us all.

Happy Shivratri – Har Har Mahadev”


5 “The glory of Shiva is infinite,

Shiva lends it to everyone, may

his grace always remain on you,

and Bhole Shankar can fill your life with happiness.”

Maha Shivratri Wishes For Whatsapp

1. “Do not ask me my identity,

I am a Bhasmdhari,

who would make up with Bhasma,

I am a priest of that Mahakal.

Many congratulations to the auspicious Shivaratri…”


2. “Bless us with the happy &

peaceful life with noble wisdom.

May there be peace in every home.!”


3. “May Shiva prevail over you,

reverse the fate of your destiny,

get it all in your life,

which no one has ever found”


4 “You are blessed by Bhole Baba,

you should receive the blessings of his blessings,

you should progress so much in your life,

everyone’s love should be given to you.”


5. “May Shiva’s shadow

rest on you, turn your body of luck,

you will get them all in your life,

which no one has ever found ..!”

Maha Shivratri Message

1. “It is said that by breathing,

you know if you do not breathe,

how can I say that I am alive with the help of breath,

my breath comes after speaking बोलने Nam: Shivaaye.”


2. “Shiva’s glory crossed overhead;

Shiva’s salvation for all;

May His grace be with you forever;

And thousands of happiness in your life.”


3. By the power of Shiva;

By devotion to Shiva;

Happiness should be out

By the grace of Mahadev;

Good wishes on the auspicious officer of Mahashivratri !”


4. “Light increases with the light of Shiva,

 whoever goes to the gates,

 he definitely gets something

 Everywhere Shiva”

Maha Shivratri Shayari in Hindi

1. Whoever Baba cast a shadow over

night, the shadow of his fate was overturned;

he got all he asked for,

which no one ever found,

the best wishes of Shivaratri”


2. “Shiv Satya Hai, Shiv Anant Hai,

Shiv Anadi Hai, Shiv Bhagwant Hai,

Shiv Omkar Hai, Shv Bramh Hai,

Shiv Shakti Hai, Shiv Bhakti Hai,

Aao Bhagwan Shiv Ka Naman Kare,

Unka Aashirwad Hamesha Hum Par Rahe… !!!

Har har Mahadev “


3. “All travelers who approach

the bow step that naive

washed the steps made the naïve

come together and mounted the steps to

the flower we respect from the heart”


4.“Whoever Baba cast a shadow over

night, the shadow of his fate was overturned;

he got all he asked for,

which no one ever found,

the best wishes of Shivaratri

   Happy Shivratri status….!! “


5. “May Shiva’s raise blessing on us,

who gets the fortune of there luck,

all of you in your life,

which no one has ever found.”


6.“Om Namah Shivaya,

Om Namah Shivaya Jai Bhole Jai Bhole, go to Shiva, Shiv Shankar, Shiv Shankar.

May the name of Mahakal be memorized.”


7. “Shiva is true, Shiva is infinite,

Shiva is eternal, Shiva is Bhagwant,

Shiva is Omkar, Shiva is Brahma,

Shiva is Shakti, Shiva is devotion,

come to salute Lord Shiva, may

his blessings remain on us all.”


8. May the glory of

Shiva bless everyone with the

blessings of Shiva and may his grace always remain on you and

Bhole Shankar fills happiness in your life.


9. The whole point is that the shelter

is a tribute to the stage of the Shiva

washed the feet became the Shiva

together Come offered us flowers reverence

Happy Maha Shivratri Status in Hindi

1. नाच रहे ड़मरू की ताल पर शिवशंम्भु,
त्रिशुलधारी गंगाधर बाबा महाकाल सर्वेशु।

2. शव हूँ मैं भी शिव बिना, शव में शिव का वास,
शिव मेरे आराध्य हैं, मैं हूँ शिव का दास ॥

3. ना जीने की खुशी, ना मौत का गम,
जब तक हैं दम, महादेव के भक्त रहेंगे हम।

4. जिनके रोम-रोम में शिव हैं, वहीं विष पिया करते हैं,
जमाना उन्हें क्या जलायेंगा, जो श्रृंगार ही अंगार से करते हैं।

5. ना पूछो मुझसे मेरी पहचान, मैं तो भस्मधारी हूँ,
भस्म से होता जिनका श्रृंगार, मैं उस भोलेनाथ का पुजारी हूँ।

6. कोई दौलत का दीवाना, कोई शोहरत का दीवाना,
शीशे सा मेरा दिल, मैं तो सिर्फ महादेव का दीवाना।

7. जब ज़माना मुश्किल में दाल देता हैं,
तब मेरे भोले हज़ारों रास्ते निकाल देता हैं।

8. किस्मत लिखने वाले को भगवान कहते हैं,
और बदलने वाले को भोलेनाथ कहते हैं।

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